Film: Honour Killings

This item was included in the September broadcast.

Honour killings
We’ve all been alarmed in recent years about the number of women who are killed by their male relatives in so called ‘honour killings’. The subject is now being discussed more widely both here and in the communities in parts of the world where this behaviour is most common and it never loses its power to shock.

Honour Killings is a new film, based on a true story of three families’ experiences of what can happen when love crosses traditional divides. The film, which is also known as Honour Killing – God Forgive Me, was previewed at the House of Commons in the summer of 2010 and is now available for general release.

Community reporter Rashmi Varma talked to the film’s director Avtar Bhogal, and to actor Sandeep Garcha, who plays the mother of one of the young people in the film. Rashmi also spoke to some of the people who watched the film at the House of Commons and asked them for their reactions.

~ Voxpops – reactions to the film (3′ 58″ – MP3)
~ Interview with Avtar Bhogal and Sandeep Garcha (29′ 03″ – MP3)

Click here for a 2009 BBC News report on the film.

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