A rare dementia – feature by Abigail Hollick

This feature was included in the August broadcast.

Dave suffers from a rare form of dementia called Pick’s disease. There is no cure and nobody knows why or when the frontal lobe of his brain started to degenerate and cause dementia. In this feature Dave, his daughter Kate and his wife Bea discuss how they have learnt to come to terms with Pick’s.

Click here for the audio (15′ 56″ – MP3)
In: FX mouth organ: “My Dad suffers from what we call Pick’s disease…”
Out: “… a brave person, I will relax.” FX mouth organ

Back announcement:
Carole Ivey is the London contact for the Pick’s disease support group – see the website for contact details in London and regions around the country.

Clive Churchill works for Brentford Lodge Day Hospital: Hounslow Older People’s Department at West London Mental Health NHS Trust. Contact details can be found on the website.

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