Golnaz Fathi

GOLNAZ FATHIThis item was included in the November broadcast as part of Outerglobe.

Golnaz Fathi, who lives and works in Iran, builds her free flowing pictures from a deep knowledge of Calligraphy, which she studied for many years, becoming one of the very few women to reach the higher echelons, before deciding to branch out and follow her imagination freely. For the most part she uses Black, White and Red as her main colours, with occasional bright outbursts of Yellow and Blue, in several paint media.

A particularly dramatic installation in Golnaz Fathi’s exhibition ‘Liminal – Subliminal’ at the adventurous October Gallery takes the form of red and black scrolls, painted on lining paper stretched the full height of the Gallery. The painting is formed by solid layers of calligraphy exercises with a textile like quality. In this interview, Debbie Golt began by asking Golnaz about these works.

~ Golnaz Fathi interviewed by Debbie Golt (13′ 43″ – MP3)

GOLNAZ FATHI: Liminal – Subliminal is at the October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester St, London WC1N 3AL until 22/01/2011.

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