February broadcast

Our most recent broadcast was on Wednesday 23rd February, from 7pm (London time). For more details and to listen to some of the items, please follow the links below.


~ Camden Unlocked – highlights from Camden Community Radio
Marian Larragy interviews Valerie Amajoutt, an American now living in London, about aspects of being a migrant; Caron Bell looks at plans to install dams on the ponds on Hampstead Heath. Plus: Irene McGarvey interviews singer/ songwriter Emma Payn at the Troubadour in West London; she also talks to Lucia Way, Director of the arts organisation Upbeat.

~ Welsh London
To celebrate St. David’s day, Anjul Dutt, who was born and brought up in Wales, has been finding out about Welsh culture in London.
Click here for details and to listen

~ The 2011 Census
Everything you need to know about Census day, which is on March 27th. We talk to Councillor Ruth Cadbury, from the London Borough of Hounslow, about what it is and why we have it. Click here for details and to listen

~ Learning English
How easy is it for people to learn English when they come to live here? Shahbana Rehman talks to a Mandarin speaker about her struggles to learn the language.
Click here for details and to listen

~ Focus on Ealing and West London
Debbie Golt talks to Bridget Anderson and Doreen Woodley from The Sunshine Foundation, a charity based in West London which was set up to support children with special needs. Debbie Golt and Ursula Troche highlight the work of WAPPY (the Writing, Acting and Publishing Project for Youngsters), which helps children and young people in Ealing to be creative. Plus: an update on International Women’s Day / Month events in Ealing.

~ Artbeat with performance poet Ursula Troche
Including an interview with Cheryl Burke of Black Women & Culture West London.
Click here for details and to listen

~ Outerglobe with DJ Debbie
Music, news and interviews from the world of women and music. With studio guest singer Phoenix Martins, who has taken part in Africa Express and whose Nigerian heritage informs her eclectic music and style.
Click here for details and to listen
Plus a performance and discussion with Jasmina Stosic (voice) and Anna-Helena McLean (voice and cello), who make up the music duo From The Well, sharing Serbian music and insights into women’s roles through their artistry.
Click here for details and to listen

~ East and West
Panjabi music with Kashmir Panue
Click here for details and to listen

If you would like to take part in future broadcasts in some way, please get in touch with us as soon as possible with full details.

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