Past projects

2010-2011: WRG monthly online broadcasts and programme archive
WRG held online broadcasts of programmes from WRG members and PEARLS trainees and maintained an archive of items to share. The most recent broadcast series ran from September 2010 to March 2011. Please click here for details on our Online Broadcast webpages.

2007-2010: ‘PEARLS’ training course for women in West London
WRG was the training partner in this three-year project from The Panjabi Centre in Southall. To find out more about the project and to listen to the work of the trainees please visit the project website.

2008-2009: imMEDIAte transnational learning partnership
WRG was a partner in imMEDIAte – Training Women in Media, a transnational Learning Partnership with organisations in Spain and Austria, funded by the EU’s Grundtvig programme. Click here for details on WRG’s imMEDIAte project website.

2007-2008: Unknown Voices
WRG was a partner in the Unknown Voices project, recording the stories of women who have experienced homelessness. For more information and links visit our Unknown Voices page or go to the project website.

2007: On-line tutorials: Writing for Radio
Click here for more information or click here to go to the project website
(requires Flash Player 8 or higher – click for free download from the Adobe website)

2005: Unsung Heroines – Writings and reminiscences from World War II
This was a Lottery-funded project of writings and reminiscences from World War II. Click here for details on our project webpages.

2005: Providing training for women on the University of Westminster’s Widening Participation course

2003-2004: Working with Camden Community Radio to provide training for people living in the Camden area.

2004: Working with Riverside Studios on Riverside FM, a short term arts radio station for young people in West London, which broadcast for 3 weeks in July-August 2004. WRG provided training for local young people.

2002: WRG was also involved in training, production and management on the first Riverside FM, a short-term arts and community radio station which broadcast for 3 weeks in July 2002.

To discuss ideas for future projects, please contact us.

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